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Racingnews365 - Same dream, different season

Same dream, different season

Childhood dreams Formula One drivers take center stage


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Fully AI-generated video

RacingNews365, the platform that has now passed one billion page views, launched a special video in multiple countries to warm up fans ahead of the first Grand Prix of 2023 in Bahrain. What makes it unique is that it was developed entirely using various Artificial Intelligence tools.

The video called "Same dream, different season" is based on every driver's childhood dreams. From a very young age, drivers dream of the world title. To visualize those childhood dreams, AI tool Midjourney was utilized; in the video we see the young versions of the drivers who will once again compete for first place next season.

The graphic results from Midjourney were the starting point for generating all other assets of the campaign through AI. The script for the video was written using ChatGPT. The voice over was created via Murf and the music composed by Soundraw.

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